What Can a Health Coach Do For Me?

Why a Health Coach?

We all want to feel fabulous and stay that way! We also know that a healthy lifestyle leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. And, while we all have good intentions to change an unhealthy behavior, sometimes it is just easier to do nothing. People seek out the services of a health coach for a variety of reasons – to improve nutrition, exercise, or sleep habits, to promote long-term weight loss, to manage stress and improve energy, to get off medications, or avoid going on medications for a chronic health condition. Some people just want to become more motivated to care more about their health.

We also know from research that patient education and advice alone do not always produce desired and lasting outcomes. We are often left wondering not WHY, but “HOW am I going to accomplish this goal?”. The answer is: small strategic and balanced lifestyle changes.

Why an Advanced Practice Nurse as Your Health Coach?

As a licensed healthcare provider, I utilize evidence-based medicine and coaching techniques as the cornerstone of my medical, and health coaching practices. In other words, best practices based on sound research.  During our collaboration, we will explore your lifestyle, values, your vision for your future health, learning needs, and what motivates you. We will tap into your strengths, and build upon them to create strategies that work for YOUR body. I can review your medications, test results, and collaborate with your family physician. I will address questions or concerns you may have about disease management, and will be a partner in your medical care. Physical assessment might include weight, BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, pulse, and focused exam, depending on client preference.

How to Get Started?

Our work together begins with a free 10-minute phone consultation, followed by a 60-minute visit in a comfortable office setting, to set a game plan in motion. From there, 30-minute weekly or bi-weekly coaching visits are a time to refine goals to make them meaningful, manageable, and memorable.

Rates are very reasonable and discounted packages are available for those interested in a long-term commitment (proven to produce the best, most life-changing results). If you find a program you like, the initial office consultation fee is credited toward the program costs. Telephone and email support are included with packages. Individual sessions are also available for anyone who is interested in less frequent visits. Individuals who are age 10 and older are well-suited for the coaching process, and those under 18 years of age will enjoy sessions with a parent.

Practice Philosophy

A state of optimal or “ideal” health is possible for anyone motivated to seek out a formula for lasting success. I believe so strongly in the coaching process that I now work exclusively as a health coach with a focus on holistic client-centered care. We are unique & intricate beings, not just a heart or a brain. It is also important to acknowledge the mind-body connection, and how that relates to our ability to change and grow. I will invest in your success 100%, and help you to discover the path to a more positive, balanced lifestyle using strategies that improve your focus and awareness. You will find acceptance and support at “Ideal You”, and together, we can create a sustainable plan that brings you a lifetime of health and happiness.


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