Health Coaching

… in a setting where you will experience individualized attention from a licensed healthcare provider who will help you to utilize your strengths to create a sustainable plan for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Jumping in The Sunset

We all seek out ways to feel better, physically and emotionally. But, are quick fixes leaving you frustrated?
  • Have you purchased supplements and medications over the years to “feel better” or boost your energy, then found out they did not deliver?
  • Have you ever purchased diet pills, foods, books, programs, or workout DVD’s and gym memberships that might have gone unused or the results did not pay off?
It’s time to ask yourself a few questions:
  • Did I regret investments of time and money spent on products and services that did not deliver?
  • Am I willing to learn new life-altering behaviors that will lead to healthier life choices?
  • Am I ready to utilize my own abilities and strengths to feel energized every day?
If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, it sounds like a great time to call, and plan to spend some time with me! I can help you make changes that make sense for you…so, you will return to YOUR ideas and strengths again and again to maintain your Ideal You.

Mission Statement

I believe that a state of optimal or ideal health is possible for anyone motivated to seek out a formula for lasting success. I believe so strongly in the coaching process that I now work exclusively as a health coach with a focus on holistic client-centered care. I will invest in your success 100%, and keep you on the path to a more positive, balanced lifestyle using strategies that improve your focus and awareness. Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, weight management, smoking cessation, improving compliance with chronic disease management or managing life stressors, you will find acceptance and support at “Ideal You”.  My vision for the future is the enhanced well-being of our community so we may enjoy our lives to the fullest.